Monday, December 19, 2005

Cancel Christmas

Okay I give up. I am tired of excited children being rotten and I am ready to cancel Christmas. I would love to be sharing in their excitement, I would love to be enjoying every precious moment with them. They are making it as difficult as possible.

Today Mary watched them during quiet time for me while I went to the office for 2 hours and had an acupuncture appointment. My lovely children did nothing but give her the gears the whole time she watched them. They colored 2 bedroom doors with green and black markers, the colored all over the floors and the walls. After Mary and the kids cleaned up the first mess (the doors by the way are now stained a lovely shade of light green even after the Magic Eraser worked its magic) the kids went into my bathroom.

Would you like to know what they did in my bathroom? They filled the sink full of water, added food coloring and painted all over my bathroom. Green and Red, at least they were in the Christmas spirit.

I got home and Mary told me what happened. I told her in no uncertain terms that it was not her fault, they know better. PJ and Sebastian got a good talking too and their Christmas stockings were taken down. Santa will only bring them gifts if they behave well enough to earn them back. Quentin was sleeping the whole time so his is still hung by the chimney with care.

Would you like to know what they did while Mary was telling me what happened? They went into Sebastian's room and found the one marker that Mary did not take away from them. (Not her fault either she thought she had all of them. The kids are very sneaky) They took this single marker and drew all over PJ clothes. Just the ones she was wearing at the time. Somebody shoot me. I am ready to take down the Christmas tree and put Christmas back in its boxes.

I figure Sebastian drew the picture on PJ's shirt. I think if PJ drew it the man would have been upside down to us and right side up to her as she was wearing the shirt at the time. Yes, I think it is a man, Sebastian gives all his male stick figures the appropriate equipment.

Now Paul is home, he walks in the door at 8:00 after all is said and done and goes into the kids rooms as mister good guy. Now I look really good. I am frustrated and need to have a good cry.


wilsajedi said...

nothing like kids to ruin a perfectly good holiday.

taking down the stockings, thats a good idea.

angie, party of one said...

Wow...sure is bad to be bad right before Christmas. Hopefully your lesson will teach them that timing is everything. By the way, I agree with Will, good idea taking down the stockings. Were they upset?

Wudas said...

It looks like they've been doing decorating of their own. You gotta admire their creative spirit, though. Maybe they need a nice big easel for Christmas.