Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And the Stockings Were Hung...

It did work, the kids were much better today. The Quote of the week:

"Mom, have we been good enough yet?" Sebastian
"I've been very good today." PJ

It looks like Christmas is back on at our house. I am so glad, I did not want to cancel Christmas, it is one of my favorite holidays. I am almost as excited as the kids have been, but I have been trying to be very good for Santa.

I promised you some hockey pictures:

The first is of Filet, that is him in the center of the photo, looking at us. It is very hard to get good hockey photos, as you will soon see!

That is Paul and Filet, Fillet is #79, Paul is to fillet's left, in the white shirt and black pants. {au; scored 2 goals and Filet scored one, they were on the same team. No one kept score, everyone is a winner in beginning hockey school.

This picture is my favorite. You see how everyone is a blur of activity, of great hockey action, speed and agility? See the one guy standing still amid the hockey fun, the one in the white shirt, black pants and blue helmet? That would be Paul, I think he is resting.

He had a great time and improved a lot. They both signed up for the next hockey class in January, I think it is great stuff.

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