Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Bit of Sunshine

It has been cold and grey in Kamloops for the past week. When I say cold I mean COLD. I have half a bottle of white wine out on the back deck. Keeping cold and saving on fridge space. Monday the wine was frozen solid.

I keep hand cream in the center console of the van, it is very dry here in the winter, I tried to use it today. Frozen solid. I did not know lipstick freezes but it does.

It has warmed up to a balmy -12C today. We saw some sunshine for the first time in a week. I could not help myself, I had to capture a ray of sun for you and for myself.

The first picture I am standing on the back deck and looking to my right over the fence in my neighbors back yard.

This next picture is of the hill that overlooks the golf course. It is the view looking out our back door and over the neighbors yard. I don't know if you can see the tower in the skyline on the right, but it takes me about 25 minutes to run to that tower from the house up hill all the way. The run is worth it the view from that tower is lovely. I think I have posted some pictures from there before.

What do you do when it is to cold to play outside. PJ has the right idea, curl up with your baby doll and have a sleep.


Wudas said...

Move over PJ, I'm ready to snuggle right up with you. It's very cold here too and I don't want to play outside either.

Kelly O said...

PJ loves a snuggle, she would be happy to have you join her. Just don't hog the blankets.

Shannon said...

We have a bunch of snuggle bunnies here too.