Friday, December 30, 2005


I have not been blogging very much this week because we closed the office for the week and we have been playing with the kids and hanging out together and by the time I think to blog I am ready for bed.

Paul took the kids up to the ski hill on Tuesday and PJ skied with Paul while Sebastian had ski lessons. They both had a great time and did great on the skis. Paul took Sebastian up to the ski hill on Wednesday and he skied half the day with Paul, they even rode the ski lift together after doing the kiddie hill many times.

Let me show you what we did yesterday: we finally had some snow around here, only up here in the hills, it rained downtown.

After it snowed the sun came out and treated us to a beautiful sunset, it gets even better than this but here it is out the back door:

And here it is out the front door:

The snow resulted in the kids doing this:

They did have some adult supervision:

Here is the sunset about 5 minutes after that first picture: See I told you it got better.

Today the kids started a snow man, I don't know it they ever finished it or not. If they did I will post a photo for you tomorrow.


Corinne said...

The kids look so much bigger, Kelly, in just a few months. Wonderful photos throughout your Dec. blog.

Shannon said...

Nice photos.

Wudas said...

No snow here, but we have had a series of beautiful rainbows. And, thank goodness, the heavy rain is staying to the north of us. We often have moments of bright sunshine between bouts of sprinkles. No snow shoveling here.

Wudas said...

You gotta check out Yarn Harlot's blog with the Toronto Maple Leaf fan sweater. It's a riot. Paul is gonna want something similar for sure.