Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Lips

Shannon sent me a beautiful smile when I needed one the most. This came in the mail for me today it is a birthday gift from Shannon. The best part is it is a color I would not normally choose for myself, but it looks great on me. It will be a great everyday color and every girl needs as many of those as she can get. Thank you Shannon!

Here is a photo of my favorite patch of yard. I usually plant 5 wave petunias here and they take over and it turns into a riot of color. After 5 years of unsuccessful tomatoes I thought I would try them here this year. As you can see they are thriving. I am not sure if I should be cutting them back a bit at this point. It gets very hot up against the house in the afternoon and I think they are liking the heat and the full sun. Lets see if they will have time to ripen before the snow flies.

I took the kids to Paul's hockey game on Friday night. I did my best to get some good photos of him playing but most are blurry. You will get the idea though.

Here are the kids watching Dad play.

That blur in the blue helmet and black and yellow is Paul. He looked tired pretty early on in the game. He had not played in 4 or 5 weeks because they were changing the lines on the ice, I am surprised he moved fast enough to blur! He played again on Sunday and said he was feeling much better than he was on the night these pictures were taken.


angie, party of one said...

Maybe I should plant petunias if they grow that easily. I tend to be a plant killer which you may remember.
I like that Snow White came out to support Pauly.

Shannon said...

I'm glad that you liked your present.

Angie, you just have to remember to water the plants once in a while. I used to be a plant killer too.

Wudas said...

It looks like the kids are enthrallled with the game. Tomatoes like the heat don't worry about them. They'll be good until the first freeze.