Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Which is more shocking:
Back to back posts or a finished project? You be the judge.

I took the kids to the park this morning. The Loops has some great parks, lots of water and lots of dirt, always a winning combination. This park sports a wading pool, lots of sand to play in, a big playground, lots of shade trees and lots of other kids to play with.

I only took a few pictures but I thought I would share them with you. When the kids get along it is fun to watch them play together. Here is PJ making mud.

Quentin hamming it up.

Sebastian, following the same mud recipe as PJ.

I like this picture of PJ, the silly face makes me smile.

Quentin making a cake. Yum.

Sebastian with his tongue hanging out and his ribs showing, for the record we do feed him.


angie, party of one said...

That's funny because my comment was going to be "feed that poor boy Kelly Anne!"

Wudas said...

PJ looks like Mr. Potatoe Head. Are those socks out of the book I gave you? They look like they are the next ones on my list.

Did you get the new sock kit? I finally started the first one. I really gotta do my own dying.

Shannon said...

I love Quentin's sunglasses. Very coool

Kelly O said...

I thought Seabass looked a little thin in the picture too, he is just a lean mean backtalking machine!

The socks are out of the book you gave me mom. They were a quick and fun knit.