Friday, July 14, 2006

Little Blessings

My life is blessed in more ways than I can enumerate for you here in a single blog post. I can bring to you today just one more way in which my life has been blessed:

She is so sweet, she brings tears to my eyes when I peek at her. Meet Rory and Debble's new daughter, she was born about 7:30 Wednesday night. She is about 3 hours old in these pictures. Debbles delivered in the same efficient manner she approaches the rest of her life. She went to the hospital about 5:00 that evening and was only 4cm dilated, she walked a lap around the maternity ward and came back to the nurses station letting them know she was ready to push. They had not even had time to prepare a room for her and she beat her Dr. To the punch, he missed the delivery altogether.

Sweet Pea has not officially been named, I might share her name when when I know it or she may forever be known on this blog as Sweet Pea. I can't thank Debble's enough for having a baby for me cuddle.

Deb, we have names for women that look this good only 3 hours after delivering a baby but this blog is rated G...


Wudas said...

I had no idea she was due so soon. The baby and Mom are both beatiful. Please give her my congradulations

Shannon said...

Deb looks great. So does Sweet Pea.

Bonnie said...

Deb does look great, I love the "easy casual" book by her leg. I think that just kinda says it all.
I can`t wait to see that baby. Sweet pea is my Favorite ( with a capital f ) name.