Friday, July 07, 2006

Out With the Old

A little bit of a random post today, it has been that kind of a week. This is the first week of full time kids, no school to help me keep my sanity. We had a good time and we certainly managed to keep busy. Let the randomness begin.

Here is a picture of PJ I took on Tuesday, she is showing off her new hair cut and her ability to write the letters 'SB' which she uses on her chore list to indicate the nights she does not have to clear the table after dinner because we had softball and ate the ball field.

I took these pictures on Wed. Night after our run. We had some thunder showers roll through town not long before our run and the heavy clouds combined with the smoke in the air made a lovely sunset together. They are posted out of order the first one is taken up by our house and the next one taken on the highway while driving home. The sky was so pretty I had to pull over and get the camera out.

I take my camera with me just about everywhere I go. I have faithfully taken my camera with me to every Barking Cow game this season and have yet to use it. We have been short handed on the ball field this season we have one cow expecting a calf soon and another that had knee surgery, one that broke his wrist (last ski run of the year not done on the ball field), the Giggle Queen broke her finger and another cow is out with a sore shoulder. Add to this that two of the cows have decided to take up hockey and they miss all the Thursday night games and the cows were in a bit of a pickle this year.

It is a co-ed team and you must have 3 girls to play the game, you can play short a girl if you are willing to let Auto play. Auto is not a good a player, even by the cows standards. If your team is missing a girl you write 'automatic out' in her spot on your lineup and whenever she would have had her turn at bat, it counts as an out. The cows need no help in the 'OUT' department.

This season we seem to have only 3 women able to play each game, this means I don't get to much time to take pictures. Four women is the perfect amount for a game, then we all get play a bit but you can sit and drink and play in the sand pit with kids or run to the washroom. The moral of this longwinded random thought is: I will try to take some cow pictures for you on Thursday, we have a double header and it is our last game of the season. We have our tournament next weekend.

Following that maybe things will slow down around here in the evenings and I can blow the dust off my knitting needles.

And now we finally come to the title of today's blog post and this picture: "Out With the Old" (you didn't think Paul was dumping ME did you!?!?!) Say goodbye to the ForeRunner, I will post the new for you Saturday. Until then I will keep you in suspense...


Shannon said...

Your vehicles are all very nice and shiny. I have one that's not so shiny awaiting someone to wash it. You're welcome to come wash my car anytime.

Bonnie said...

Hi kelly,
enjoyed your random thoughts,
I have been working a lot this week as both of my jobs started full swing, and I started earlyish this morning, therefore my absence in running. However, i was wondering if you had talked to Paul about babysitting during the day?
That is all
see you wed. morning at the latest

Wudas said...

So are you buying a new ride? Come wash my cars too. They smell like cows and horses.