Monday, March 05, 2007

Battle Stations

Things (Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3) have been a little crazy around here.

Those 3 Things being the Dirty Rotten Kids, they are driving me crazy. I guess there is no better way to put it than this: they have been brats the past little while. Early last week I decided I had enough of it and I have been The Hammer since then.

When The Hammer meets with the Dirty Rottens it means war. I don't think Seabass has one toy left in his room, I know he has missed at least two meals because he could not sit in his chair and use his fork and knife. Q actually threw food across the table while a baby sitter was here on Saturday night. Thankfully I saw him do it and he went to bed hungry.

I am feeling pretty worn out, doing battle with the kids sucks. I feel like a crappy mom. The kids are getting better but I still feel like I have a way to go yet, wish me luck.


angie, party of one said...

You're a great mom. The problem is kids, unfortunately, are people who have their own minds. Don't you wish you could control them completely until 25?

Shannon said...

I remember Dad yelling at Kelly and I when he was really frustrated with us, "It's not like you came with an instruction book!"

When I get really frustrated with my kids, I often wonder how I made it to adulthood.

Wudas said...

I sometimes wonder who "survived" your childhoods. Me or you guys.

Anonymous said...

Kids are tough to raise. Especially boys, they are wired differently than girls. But we had an issue with our baby girl the other night. Would not eat her celery, 2 pieces, told us that we can't make her eat it if she doesn't want to. So she went to bed early too. She ate the two pieces the next day to regain her priviliges.