Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Break

The kids are on Spring Break we survived day one. It was a little rough, the kids for some reason spent the better part of the day fighting with one and another. That is unusual for them, believe it or not they play well together most of the time. When they can't get along they have to play in their rooms by themselves and that works pretty well. They spent a lot of time outside as well, it was 12C and very windy but they loved it.

On the top you see the socks that rock yarn from the sock kit this month. I am waiting to start knitting them until the knit pick needles get here. The yarn on the bottom is some Lorna's Laces I bought on sale about 9 months ago. I thought it was funny that the colour's were so similar. The yarns have a totally different hand to them and will make two very different pairs of socks.

See? All ready to go. I know the cakes look like different sizes but they are both 80 grams, one is just wound more tightly than the other. I worry about running out of yarn with my big size 10 feet, especially on a toe up sock with some cables. This will prevent that from occurring all together.

I have been kind of anxious to get a start on these. But today something happened to make more patient for the needles to come:

The snow started about 10:00 this morning, I am not that happy to see it. I am always tired of it by the end of season and this has been a long season for us. It is 2C out so it will melt off quickly, provided it ever stops dumping.

There are perks to the snow day. I have cleaned out one of the kids rooms, all the kids art stuff, my sewing things and the junk drawer in the kitchen. The kids and I have decided it should be a pajama day as well, so we are being both comfortable and productive.

The snow has inspired me to cast on for this Thrum Mitten kit, I have never knit mittens and the thought of trying something new appeals to me. I figure about the time I get these done Murphy's Law will kick in and it will be to warm to wear them until next winter. Does reverse psychology work on Mother Nature?


Theresa said...

hi Kelly,
I know you check your blog....wanted to let you know I have ordered some yarn from elann, and have picked a felted bag pattern. No need for a knitting intervention! I can't believe we have more snow.

Shannon said...

Love all the yarn, but not the snow so much. I hope that your needles arrive soon. Can't wait to hear about them.

Wudas said...

I wanna knit too!! I'm just too busy right now to get anything going. I cast on a sock but haven't even had a chance to do one single round! I have afghans to make and I have a cotton tank top I want to try. Have I dyed any yarn? Nope, no time.

Maybe this weekend while waiting for someone to snap up a truely good looking black truck.