Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend Rambling

What a nice weekend we had! I can't say we have a whole lot to show for ourselves but we sure had a lot of fun family time.

I worked on Saturday morning as usual and them Paul gave me a surprise on Saturday afternoon. He knows I have been suffering from Spring Fever in a bad way so he cheered me up with a surprise trip to the spa.

He bought me a 2 hour relaxation journey at the ginseng spa here in the Loops. It was wonderful, it started with a rose petal bath, and then a 1 hour massage and a facial to top all that off. They even serve you tea and cookies while you are there. It was a wonderful 2 pampered hours to myself.

That evening I had a baby sitter scheduled and Paul and I went out for a beer and dinner then we headed off to the hockey game with no kids!!! We wrapped up the night at The Giggle Queens and Fillets going away party (they are moving to Alberta).

We got up this morning and took the kids to the last Sunday skate session. We were horsing around playing hockey and Sebass got to rough. He slid right into me and popped my stick up into my face.

Lets be thankful for that facial yesterday for this close-up no make-up shot. I think tomorrow this might be a real pretty black eye. It might be to sore to cover with make-up for work but I think if I wear my glasses to the office the frames with cover it pretty well. I never wear my glasses to work and they will distract everyone enough that they wont notice the banged up eye.

We came home and lazed around for the rest of the day. I did some spinning and some knitting, played with Lego's, did laundry, had a nap and then some. It was a nice family day, we need more of those!


Shannon said...

I bet getting whacked in the eye hurt a lot! Can't wait to see if it gets more colorful.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one! W