Thursday, March 29, 2007

Knitting and Random Stuff

The mitten knitting seems to be working, this is the warmest we have been in months. We have been playing outside quite a bit the past few days. It has been great.

Look we even have a brown lawn (hey, it's better than a white one!)

We have great neighbours, they get pretty crazy with holiday decorations. Dave is finally getting all the Christmas decorations down. Today he washed all the blow-ups and left them in his backyard to dry. It's Christmas all year around at Dave's house!

I am finally posting some pictures of February's knitting. I don't know why it took me so long. Here are Sebass's socks. They are knit up with mom's hand dyed yarn. You can see that Sebass loves them, he has pretty much felted the bottoms just by wearing them so much. Next time I knit kid socks, superwash wool is the way to go.

Sebass is modeling a hat I knit for myself. I love the colours, they are very earthy with a bit a gold sparkles in it. A quick fun knit.

It has holes in it to pull pony tails through. Paul thinks it is funny, but every time I wear it people ask me where I bought it.

These socks have been done for a long time, but I finally put buttons on them. My love for these socks is not normal. They are perfect, I figured out that I need to knit for a size 10 and then do about 2 extra rows before I decrease for the toe. Did I mention that I love these?

Random Shmoo photo, do you see her pink nails?

She has caps glued onto her nails. They keep her from damaging the new couches when she scratches. So far they are working and she doesn't mind them once they are on. (Let's not talk about getting them on her) PJ picked the pink ones, they come in lots of colours at your local pet store.


Shannon said...

Where did you get the pattern for the hat? I think it's funny that you're so in love with those socks. Love Shmoo's nails.

angie, party of one said...

Taloulah has the same caps on her nails. I agree, getting them on is definately a two person job, but she doesn't mind them once they're on. And they're life savers on new furniture.

Wudas said...

I love the socks too but need to replace my buttons as they are too small and the socks come unbuttoned.

Love Shmoo's nails!