Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Ass

I don't usually curse on the blog but my ass is happy now. I finally bought new couches. The pictures don't really do them justice, we still have that flat winter light around here so the colours don't show true. This couch is actually about the colour of the inside of a lime. It is pretty and I wanted a splash of colour.

I have never in my life had a new couch before. I have always had a hand-me-down couch. I appreciate the generosity of a hand-me-down, but how nice it to have a couch a picked out myself! I love them.

The couches were a point of contention between Paul and I. We have always been agreement that we needed new couches, but we never agreed on the timing. Paul wanted to wait until Shmoo (my cat) passed away, so she could not claw them up (don't worry Shmoo lovers, she is still kicking) I however was really tired of having a couch that was not only uncomfortable but embarrassing.

A local furniture store was going out of business and these couches were marked down 70%. I could not pass them up. I would never spend that money without Paul's agreement (which I did not have) so these babies went on my own credit card and I will pay them off myself with my dog and horse adjusting money. The up side of this: I picked out whatever I wanted and there was no arguing over what Paul wanted vs. what I wanted.

I explained to Paul that I will charge him for his time spent on my couches and I will bill him and the end of every month. I am having fun teasing him about it, I of course will not actually charge him, no matter how tempting the idea may seem to me, it is a little petty.

And most importantly: My ass is happy! It is a plus that I have a wonderful place to sit and knit.


angie, party of one said...

Okay, I was so scared that Shmoo was gone for a minute. Thank God she's still here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green couch, so cute!

Shannon said...

Your couches are beautiful!

Leanna said...

I love them. It is amazing how something new can change the whole energy of a home.

Kelly O said...

tehe, leanna, or a new home can chage the whole energy of...