Thursday, April 05, 2007

Burrito Boy

I don't have anything interesting for you this week. I am a dull girl!

It is a short week, we have no work tomorrow for the Easter weekend. I am a hockey widow this week, Paul played Monday night, Wednesday night and he plays tonight. I am feeling like I could use a bit of a break from everything around here. When Paul plays hockey he goes straight there from work and does not get home until well after I am in bed. This makes for longs days for everyone.

I plan to go for a run tomorrow morning and take a little time to myself. I don't mean to be whiner, but it has been all about accommodating Paul's schedule for the past two weeks and I will be working full time next week because Paul does not have enough time to do what he wants around the house.

I am a little tired of Burrito Boy and his schedule right now:


Anonymous said...

How many people for how many days did that thing feed?


Anonymous said...

P.S. I have my IM working...finally. Wudas

angie, party of one said...

Take a break and come down here for a few days. That'll show burrito boy"!

Shannon said...

Isn't marraige grand?

Griffin Family 2006 said...

Hey Kelly its Taneil here I am feeling the same way as you, if its not Hockey its the orchard or hunting, loading bullets, so believe me I am in the same boat I always tell him to get a babysitter if he isnt going to be here to look after Logan because I am off at 4:30pm Mon-Fri and weekends. It doesnt always work but at least it makes him conscious of the fact that i need a break sometimes too. Hope everything is going well otherwise, we found out we are having a little girl in August so I am soooo excited! Oh and we were wanting to order some new orthotics through you guys as well. Talk to you soon. Taneil