Monday, April 16, 2007

We Found It!

After taking a lot of crappy pictures this weekend, I decided to crack down and find the camera. I asked the kids if they had seen it, and no one had. Q told me I should look in my 'drawers' I asked him where that was and he suggested I look in the dresser by the computer, "Where your knitting is." Q found the camera. I tucked it the drawer while the kids were using my computer so it was out of their way and would not get knocked onto the floor.

Thank you Q! I asked Sebastian to take some spinning pictures for this post. So I get to show you spinning from a 4 foot tall perspective.

See that brown fiber I am spinning? It is that woolly stuff I got such a great a deal on. I enjoyed it at first, but once I spun a nicer fiber I was tainted, now it is like spinning an old rams short wiry curlies if you know what I mean.

I have lots of it, which I plan to spin up bit by bit. I think it will be good for felted bags and the like. Also good to keep around for when the kids want to learn to spin, or any one else that comes to visit (Shannon).

But hard to work with when you have this 100% merino wool staring you in the eye! I have found I like to switch fibers lots. I get bored with spinning one fiber for a long time, if I have several on the go, I seem to spin more.

Here are some more fun pictures taken by Sebass today:

He made this helicopter out of K'nex all by himself:

And Lego's:


Shannon said...

I'm very happy that you finally found your camera. Quinten has a very good memory.

Wudas said...

Why didn't you ask him sooner?

Bonnie said...

HI kelly,
long time, no see eh?(sorry couldn`t help the eh)

You have gorgeous finger nails.

Can`t wait to see you all this summer. I`ll be home on the 20th of July for at least one full year!!

See you soon