Monday, April 09, 2007

Camera Woes

As you know my camera seems to be MIA, this has kept me from blogging this week, I like to post pictures and just feel a little naked leaving you with no pictures.

I was pretty bummed to not have my camera for Easter, so I rummaged around and found a camera I had bought to give to the kids. It is a $16.00 2.1 mega pixel no name camera. Perfect for the kids. Paul put some batteries in it for me and off I went to capture some wonderful pictures to remember this special day forever.

Here is the first picture I took with the camera: It seems we were having some technical difficulties.

Picture number two came out only a little better. The Easter bunny got together with The Neighbours and put eggs all over both yards for all the kids to find.

Here is a lovely picture of Amanda:

And Sebass:

I was really impressed with Sebass and PJ, I saw both of them pick up eggs and put them in Maddie's bag when they noticed they had more eggs than she did. I did ask Sebastian to look for eggs that may be up high and leave the easy ones for the smaller kids, but I never asked them to give their eggs away. Honestly it brought a tear to my eyes to see them being so thoughtful without being asked. It was very sweet and I let them both know how proud they make me.


Easter ham:

I thought it was funny that the kids walked by this egg many times without seeing it, it was one of the last eggs to be found.

The Linfields came over for Easter turkey. I will miss them so much when they move at the end of the month. Here is Andrew's self portrait:

We have had a great family weekend, we got a lot done while having lots of fun with the kids. We had great weather for a couple of days and light rain yesterday and today. I plan on doing some knitting and some spinning today, looking for my camera and cleaning the kids rooms before leaving the house to Paul for the week.
There are no pictures of PJ, she has not been feeling good and slept on the couch all day yesterday. She is better today, but her tummy still hurts and she is running a mild fever, she did eat a little today and has already been awake longer than she was all day yesterday.

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Shannon said...

I hope that you find your camera soon.