Friday, April 27, 2007

Where Did it Go?

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post. It is has been a bit of whirlwind for some reason.

My seminar was not as boring as I thought it would be and I did knit a little if you were wondering. I took this photo on the way there, it was taken on the way to Kelowna via Meritt.

I just finished these about 10 minuets ago. I like the socks but I don't think I would knit the pattern again. It seemed to me like they took forever to knit. They are a good fit and and not hard to get on at all.

I used a larger needle on the cables and did not pull them really tight. When I thought the socks were long enough I went back down to a size a zero and did about 1/2 inch of the ribbing pattern. Shannon told me her socks don't stay up very well, I think it actually paid off for me to have her finish hers first. I had the chanced to modify the pattern based on Shannon's feedback, I guess it is my turn for the second pair.

Here is the amount of yarn I had left:

Oh, they are not quite done yet. I forgot about this stitch marker that I accidentally knit right in to the sock. I just need to take some wire cutters or something and cut it so I can pull it out. I did it in the middle of a cable, a mistake I have never made before, and I bet I won't do it again!

The week flew by, our schedule was a bit of a schmazzle. We had observation day at school on Tuesday and parent teacher conference on Wednesday. That means the kids had no school on Wednesday and Paul, Gran and I went with them to school on Tuesday to learn about what they are doing there.
Gran came back from Kelowna with us and stayed a few days for a visit. We enjoyed visiting with her and the kids had lots of fun too. She went home on Thursday and will heading out to visit Lee, one of her sons who lives in Maple Ridge (Vancouver area) soon. It is great to see her so active and out being social after Harvey's passing. She seems to be doing very well.
This post is totally out of order, sorry about that, random thoughts here. I am working all day on Mondays now so Paul can have a little more time with the kids, he was getting pretty burned out at the office. I now work all day Monday, Thursday mornings and Saturdays. Paul works All day Tues, Wed and Friday and Thursday afternoons. I think it will work out well and give us a good balance. I am looking forward to the day I don't have to work Saturdays anymore, I will quit Saturdays when the kids are in full time school and I can work through the lunch hour to make up the hours. I think if we offer lunch hour appointments then we can close on Saturday.
The Barking cows are at it again, we lost our second game of the season on Thursday night, it was great fun!
I am dealing with Grandma Helen and all her Dr apts. she has quite a few going on right now. She is doing well, they are all about maintenance care except for cataracts surgery this coming Tuesday. I took her on this Tuesday for the eye measurements and I have to deal with the surgery next Tuesday and the follow ups on Wednesday. I have her to the dentist the following week. I find it a bit overwhelming sometimes just to remember where I need to get everyone, let alone getting them there.
I got the new sock kit from Blue Moon, I am not sure if I am ready to start my socks just yet. I think I need to do a little finishing before I can think about them, I would like to get the second thrummed mitten done. Who knows what I will do???? Maybe it is time to spin for a while.


Shannon said...

I can see why it took you so long to post. You've had a very busy week.

angie, party of one said...

Okay, not meant as an insult AT ALL, but the socks when not being worn loot like giant penises (or peni, whatever).

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't it nice to make a knitting mistake that you don't have to rip out to fix. Just a quick snip with your wire cutters and, ta da! it's done.