Thursday, August 02, 2007

Camera Fun

I have been running around all afternoon trying to get everyone ready to go. I am just about feeling caught up, but not quite. I love the part of the trip where you pull out of the driveway and you wonder if you packed everything. I figure if I forget something there are stores in Alberta.

Here are some pictures for you, I have been playing a little bit with the camera.

I love this picture of PJ, it makes me grin with her!

The pictures of the kids were taken last night, they were playing in the water in the evening and that is when I took them.

This one is taken looking out the front window one evening.

This one was taken in Norm and Helen's yard, they were out of town and went over and took some pictures.


Shannon said...

Nice photos.

angie, party of one said...

HELLO!?!?!?! WHAT'S UP WITH THE GIGANTIC SPIDER? All these cheerful comments like a picture of a man eating arachnid isn't included in the post!