Friday, August 17, 2007

Long Time No See

Whew! I have been totally overwhelmed over the past week or two. When we got back from Alberta I was feeling pretty tired. I had not been sleeping well for a while and the trip was fun but really made me feel pooped out.

We brought George and Judy home with us from Alberta and Jodie, Paul's sister was here waiting for us when we got home. (Did I tell you this already?) I stressed myself out trying to be a good hostess, I had some bad news about a friend of mine that has been hospitalized, I felt really pushed by family and was over tired to top it all off.

Here are some pretty clouds we saw one evening while George, Judy and Jodie were here for their visit:

One evening Paul and George went out to use the hot tub and George almost stepped on something. Paul flipped on the lights and this little toad was there! I have never seen any toads up where we are. It is very dry in the Loops, I would think the toad would be hanging out on the golf course where there is more water. I think it lives under our deck.

Once the house emptied out I spent a couple of days getting the kids rooms cleaned out and the house in order. I had the best intentions of blogging in the evenings but I was so done in I would fall asleep as soon as the kids did.

I am feeling rested now, there is still a lot going on, but I feel more capable of handling what life offers up now that I have had a few good nights sleep.

Last Saturday we had a wonderful homemade Chinese food dinner at Rump Roast's and T-Bone's house (barking cows). Let me tell you Rump Roast can cook! The food was wonderful and the company relaxing, it was just what I needed.

When we were invited to dinner (Ground Beef and Lean Beef went too) we were not told the whole story. We learned after dinner that it is their tradition to play Charades after Chinese food. I have never played before and was nervous to play! It was really loads of fun once we started to get the hang of it.

I took this picture of Paul while we were horsing around, I like it, it makes me laugh.

Paul took this one of me, you know the camera is a good one if it can take a picture of me that I like.

The kids made a banana cream pie for desert tonight. Here are Q and Seabass putting on the finishing touches.

PJ is grown up that she has been styling her own hair in the mornings. She is quite happy with the way it came it out today.


Shannon said...

I love Paige's hair! She looks very pleased with it. Looks like Quentin and Sebastian were having a great time making the pie.

Ritsin said...

"The rice is ready!"

Wudas said...

Love the sky pictures. I'm glad you are getting back to normal. I'm also glad to see you posting again. Nevermind I've been slow on that job myself.