Wednesday, August 01, 2007


We have had a busy summer, lots of wonderful company, lots of camping and lots of fun stuff.

I am having a great time and I am pooped out. I am feeling a little stressed today, PMS is not helping.

I have to get the kids and I packed to drive to Grande Praire and stay there a few days for a wedding. We get to visit with the Linfields while we are there, Yeah! We will in fact be staying with them. (Leanna should be the one stressed! LOL)

I can't even string a thought together here, bear with me. I have to pack up the kids and myself. We are bringing George and Judy back with us so I feel extra pressure to have the house clean before we go.

I have to leave an empty fridge when we go, so nothing goes bad and then when we get home late Tuesday night I have to figure out how to feed 7 people a nutritional meal. I will need to get groceries immediately upon returning home and then deal with getting the kids unpacked and settled in. Have I mentioned that I have PMS and I feel overwhelmed? I will get over it.

Paul ate all my PMS chocolate, this I will probably never get over.


angie, party of one said...

How about pizza when you get home Thursday night. They can go one night without nutritonal.
Eating your PMS chocolate is grounds for murder, I say!

Shannon said...

You should pick up some PMS chocolate on your way out of town.