Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Isobel Lake

We decided a few weeks ago to take the kids to Isobel Lake on Sunday. We wanted to take Shannon, Will, Taylor and Morgan when they were here, but we just ran out of time.

Isobel Lake is a small Lake that is stocked with trout. Fishing on the lake is restricted to children under the age of 15, handicapped and the elderly. It is only 20K from the West side of the Loops.

The kids had been excited about going to Isobel Lake the entire week prior. They had even been digging in the backyard for worms to fish with. They found a few but we stopped by the bait shop and picked up a few more before we drove out on Sunday.

Sunday dawned and we had three very excited kids and rain! The rain did not dampen the kids excitement so we decided to drive out there anyway.

The Lake was so beautiful.

The water was warm and the air was quite cool so there is lots of steam coming off the water, it made for wonderful atmosphere and good pictures too!

We took a little walk before the kids got their poles in the water. There is a 2 hour hiking trail around the lake that I would love to go back and do sometime. It is an education site so there are makers on the plants and stuff that tell you what kind of tree it is, very cool.

Here are some fun pictures of the kids all bundled up against the wet day:

PJ and Q fished from the shore while Paul and Sebastian rowed out in a little blow up boat that was well over its weight limit with the two of them in it.

They look like they are having a great time, don't they?

After a while PJ got too cold, so she sat in the truck for a bit to warm up while Sebass and Paul fished and Q and I went on a frog hunt. He was thrilled to catch this little frog, which we are sad to report was the only catch of the day.

Don't worry the frog was left in its natural habitat, it did not come home with us. Come to think of it...I did not check Q's pockets when we left.


Ritsin said...

Catching family time together makes up for the lack of catching fish. Looks like you all had a great time.

Kelly O said...

ritsin-familoy time is a wonderful thing isn't it? They will be grown up all to soon for me!

I am looking forward to camping Sept. long, have we figured out where we are going?

Kelly O said...

whoops, nice typo in my last comment. Just to connect the dots for Shannon, Mom and APL ritsin aka Rump Roast, is a Barking Cow.

Shannon said...

Isobel Lake is beautiful and I'm glad that everyone had a good time.

memoriestoremember said...

Great photo's, I like the one with Paul in the boat....

Bonnie said...

Kelly, That brings back some very early memories for me. My family has always gone up to Isobel for pic nics.

I loved catching frogs when I was a kid. I am surprised you only caught one.. There used to be tonnes.
Ahh what a fun time.