Friday, October 24, 2008

Acorn Ass

I was going to tittle it "Acorn Butt" but let's face it "Acorn Ass" has a nice ring to it.

You don't see a whole lot of Oak trees where I live. It is one of the first things I noticed (after the I got over the whole cold/snow thing) when I moved up here. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Oak trees.

We had a huge Oak that grew in the backyard of the house we grew up in. I remember a particular camp ground we would go to that was full of big beautiful Oak trees. How about that huge Oak that grew right in the middle of the main street in downtown Danville. (I think it may be gone now?)

I noticed this Oak tree while walking the kids to school one day. I have meaning to take its picture for a couple of seasons now. The changing colours had me out of the house with my camera on a special walk just to grab a few pictures of it.

In the picture above I was not really trying to get the ass end of the acorn. The wind was blowing like mad and that is the end mother nature pointed at me when the camera clicked. I love it.

Pictured below: that's me, on a dirt bike. My maiden voyage. Fun and bit scary. I never did make it out of second gear. I played around with changing gears a lot. First to second, second to first, getting the hang of the clutch being in my hand and the changing gears with my foot when I have done just the opposite since I learned to drive.

Sunday Paul, Sebass and myself are taking a dirt bike course with the Yamaha dealership here in town. If you are going to do it you may as well learn as much as you can about technique. I am hoping they cover tips and tricks on how to fall...


dwgnldy said...

The huge oak tree on Diablo Road in downtown Danville is still there. It's really aging so they've supported it with steel framing. It irks me that people post stupid signs on it. It really detracts from the beauty of the tree.

The taxpayers of Danville (including me) have decided that tree deserves to be protected. It's like a gateway to the town.

Someday when I go into town I'll take a picture of it for you.

angie, party of one said...

I'm glad you're part of the plan to protect that tree in Danville dwgnldy, I've always loved that tree.
Kelly Anne, do you remember that huge tree at that bank on the corner of our street and Crow Canyon Rd in San Ramon? Was that an Oak tree? I used to love that tree too.

Wudas said...

Very cool.

Shannon said...

I'm with Mom, cool.