Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Time Flys

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. Where has it gone? I am feeling more like I have found my rhythm the past week. It is as it blogging about it smoothed things out a bit. Thank you all for the comments and great ideas to help keep me grounded. The ideas from so many moms that are there or have been there is so helpful.

I am headed to California for a weekend. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Remember that Paul went to his 20 year high school reunion not long ago? Mine is this year as well, Paul has encouraged me to go to mine because he enjoyed his so much.

I will fly out of Bellingham on Friday afternoon, the 10th? I don't know the date and don't have a calender in front of me and I fly back on the Monday evening. Quick and dirty. I got a great price on airline tickets, about $200, I told Paul even with the airline tickets I will probably spend less money than he did at his! He laughed. He has no idea I am planning a trip to the BE store with mom and Shannon that should add a little cost to my trip!

It seemed like my trip was months and months away and now it is around the corner. I keep thinking have lots of time to get some shoes to go with my dress and now I realize I don't have to much time at all.

Q had a birthday late last week. He turned 5. Be still my heart, they are all growing up so quickly. I have some pictures to post for you, but I had a computer incident have been unable to download my photos.

I moved my Sony laptop (the one with Vista on it) buy grabbing both the base and a steadying hand on the screen and the screen cracked under my thumb! The LCD is totally shot and you can see nothing on the screen. This has made it a bit hard to see the pictures. I am hoping to have it covered under warranty but who knows?


angie, party of one said...

Tell my drunk crazy grandma I said hi while you're in Bellingham!
I wish I were going to be around when you were down here, I'm bummed. I told Shannon I'm counting on you guys to take pictures at the reunion.

Shannon said...

Angie, I wish that you were going ot be here too! I hope that you have a great time in Italy.

Kelly, I'm glad that you found your rhythm. I can't believe that your LCD screen cracked. I guess a sony LCD isn't up to normal wear and tear. How frustrating!