Monday, October 06, 2008

Muddy Fun Weekend

This weekend we took the kids out to Inks Lake to do some dirt biking. It was a blast. The weather was perfect: enough rain to make some good puddles and enough sun for a rainbow. We packed a lunch and had sunshine and wore our t-shirts it was great.

Sebass rode his own dirt bike and did a great job. He and Paul are registered for a dirt bike course together in a couple of weeks. I think they will have a great time and learn a lot of safety stuff.

The quad belongs to my friend Doug. He was kind enough to let us borrow it for the weekend. I had PJ and Q on the quad with me some of the time and sometimes Q rode on the front of Paul's dirt bike.

Don't worry to much I was the only one with a speedometer and I don't think any one went faster than about 20KPH. I did go 35ish once but on an easy road. It was a blast.

Here is Sebass after slipping a bit in a puddle, he pulled himself out and then kick started his bike on his own. He had a great time. It looks like Q is riding Paul's bike, but he just sitting on it waiting for Paul.

One of the best things about the bikes and quad is being able to go to places like this:

and spending time with these people:


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Shannon said...

Looks like everyone had a great time.