Thursday, October 16, 2008


The reunion was a great time. I think both Shannon and I had more fun than we expected to have. In high school I was never quiet sure where I fit in, so I was not sure where I would fit in at the reunion. As I spoke with many old friends and some people I barely knew in school it turns out that almost all of us seemed to feel that way.

Shannon was a great date, she looked hot, got tipsy on only one drink and we got hit on as a couple. One guy bought Shannon and I both a beer and chatted us up. He was quite flirty with us until he pointedly asked us "What's up with the two of you?" Shannon and I replied that we were sisters and he disappeared without another word. Once he realized he was not getting luck with lesbians he just turned around and walked away. Shannon and I got a great laugh out of it.

Most everyone looked great. The women have all taken care of themselves and looked beautiful. There were a couple of guys that had gotten paunchy but not to bad. Anyone going bald went for the shaved look that is so fashionable now anyway.

There were several people there that I renewed relationships with and I am sure we will keep in touch now. So glad that I went.

The visit with Shannon and Will was loads of fun. I had a great time bonding with Taylor and Morgan without my kids around. I got to really spend some time with them without my kids competing for my attention. Taylor talked my ear off and held my hand all through the corn maze, what a character she is! Morgan is at that great age where you can embarrass him with the right word dropped into casual stuff that.

Mom and Darryl are amazing with the horses, I wish I had more of a visit with Darryl, but he had to work. Their house looks wonderful and they seem very happy and lead a full and wonderful life.

Shannon and I had lunch with Dad on Monday. I got to bond with everyone...the trip was such a wonderful whirlwind. I just can't tell you all how glad I am that I went (I guess saying twice will have to do the trick)


Wudas said...

We had a great time too. How 'bout coming down in February for Stitches West? D goes with me, Shannon will be here so she can go. I'm sure she'll make sure she has that day off.

I think John McCain should whiten his teeth.

Ritsin said...

wudas, I was thinking the same thing watching him last night on Letterman but I guess he hasn't got too much to smile about lately!

Checking in on you KellyO, sounds like you had a great time. But really are you glad you went? ;-)

dwgnldy said...


Glad you had a great time. I'm trying to horn in on your next visit. If you don't want that, then you better sneak in under the cover of darkness without my knowing. LOL!

Reunions are a blast. Three classmates and I put the last reunion together. It's almost time to start working on the next reunion which is in a couple of years. It's hard work but a blast.

Shannon said...

I'm glad that you had a great time. I met Dave Allen the other morning at work and we chatted for a little bit.

I heard someone honk as they drove by our house, but I don't know if it was John or not.

angie, party of one said...

I'm so glad you had a good time at the reunion. Thanks for taking a picture with Kendyce, I felt like that was for me!
Who hit on you, I TOTALLY need to know!