Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Party Planner

every good party starts with good planning. At the ripe old age of four PJ has already figured this out.

PJ feels a good party revolves around the table set up and the dress code. She spent an hour setting up this tea party. And then she set the dress code:

"Mom you need wear the dress you married daddy in."

Now PJ thinks I got married in my old ratty Barb Wire dress. (I put this photo in for you Angie) I asked PJ if she would like to get married in the same dress I did. She had a good look in my purple and pink ratty dress and said, "No thank you mommy, I will get married in what I have on now."

You may notice in this photo how much PJ loves lipstick, the other day during quiet time she painted both her hands and her face with it. When I say 'painted' I mean she literally used a paint brush. PJ no longer has any lipstick in her dress up things.

Daddy also had to wear what he got married in, one of Mommy's shawls and a tigger tie. Sebastian and Quentin had to dress up as well.

And a picture I will be blackmailing Quentin with someday.

Theresa and Wade know how to plan a party too, see what happens when they plan:

Meet Marcus. He is about 5 weeks old in this picture, isn't he sweet. I think it is so kind of Theresa and Wade to have a baby for me to snuggle.


Wudas said...

I think you ought to be black mailing Daddy! Nice shawl!

Shannon said...

I agree with Mom. You have black mail photos of both Paul and Quentin. I laughed out loud at the photo of Paul.

Kelly O said...

Like father, like son. I never even thought it was weird that Paul was wearing my shawl. Not that he has taken to stealing my clothes or anything...hehehe. Paul does not read my blog.

angie, party of one said...

I think it's so cute that the whole family attends the princess PJ's tea parties. What a nice group of kids you have there Kelly Anne.
And I can't thanks you enough for the Barb Wire shot, makes me all warm and fuzzy!

Bonnie said...

LOVED this post. I laughed so hard. When I get home, I'm putting on my dress and coming over.