Monday, March 20, 2006


I am catching up to myself and to my tired kids after a busy week with spring break. I was hoping to post a bunch of photos from our trip to Kelowna, but Blogger is not co-operating with me. It will only let me post one photo tonight, so think of this one as a pre-view. I will try to post more tomorrow afternoon.

This photo was taken from Jeremy and Taneil house. (Taniel is Paul's cousin on his dad's side, George's youngest sisters Daughter) They are a wonderful couple and just had a handsome baby boy, whose picture I will post for you tomorrow.

I have been doing some knitting I will show you sometime this week too. I finished PJ's pink socks and Deb's blue ones. I started a new pair as well. I hit two yarn stores in Kelowna and will show you the yarn I bought soon. Maybe you can help me decide what to do with it.

We had tons of fun with the kids tonight. PJ put on a wonderful tea party in her room after diner and we all sat down and played tea party together. She had some strict rules for her party and I hope she follows these rules for quite sometime:

Quentin after diner takes off his clothes and runs around the house, on one of his laps he cruises into PJ's room, where she is getting dressed for the tea party. Paul and I are in the kitchen doing dishes and we hear PJ say:

"Hey! There are no naked boys allowed at my tea party!!" I hope she still feels this way when she is 17!


Wudas said...

I've been having trouble posting pictures off and on lately myself.
I'm looking forward to more pictures of your trips.

Bonnie said...

Its wonderful that you have encouraged your daughter to have such good values. PJ is totally right. Naked boys do ruin all good tea parties.
In other news I have also been having photo posting problems. Grrr.
Also how is Teresa. Her baby must be like a monthish old now. I haven't heard anything about her. Can you give me a little up date?