Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Break: Revisited

WHOOT! Blogger decided to upload some pictures for me today, so here is a Spring Break recap for you. Here is a picture of Paul's cousin Taneil (she is very pretty isn't she?) See that cute bundle of joy she is holding (she might not agree on the 'joy' part right now, he was a bit fussy while we were there) that is Logan, he is about 6 weeks old in this photo and I think he is very sweet.

A Close up for you: he is in a mama's milk induced coma in this photo and not looking very fussy at all. Paul's Grandma knit him the little cap. I have a tiny pair of socks on the needles for him myself, if Granny will keep the top end warm , I will keep the tootsies warm for him. I thought they would be fun and quick to knit and a great way to use up the ends of some sock yarn. I was right, I did one in an evening, I am sure the second one will go faster.

Here is a photo from Granny and Harv's balcony, I am looking down at the kids (no I did not spit!) The kids are off to feed the ducks and the geese with Grandpa Harvey.

Here is Taneil's hubby taking the kids and I out to feed apples to the horses. They have 4 horses there and Jeremy and his dad ride them up in the hills to go hunting. I think it is pretty neat that horses work for them. Jeremy's family owns an apple farm, how nice to be a horse living on an apple farm. Jeremy told us that after the harvest they let the horses out into the apple orchard and they eat what is left on the ground and chew on the grass in the orchard too.

Sebastian looks very brave in the above photo, but he got a little nervous when it came to letting the horse eat of his hand. So did I, they were very gentle, but my what big teeth they have! PJ came into the pasture with us, but she is not a big animal lover, she likes them if they leave her alone. She was hiding an apple in her coat pocket and the horses knew it was there, they kept trying to smell her and it made her very nervous. Quentin was the bravest one of all, he loves animals and they love him. He had the horses eating out of his palm:

They have four horses, only two I got photos of, maybe Jeremy could post a comment and remind me what their names are. They are large powerful healthy animals. I was surprised at their gentleness and curiosity, they seemed to enjoy smelling the kids. I think it would fun to spend more time around horses and see what they are about, they seem like gentle, playful souls to me. I did get a bit nervous when surrounded by all 4 of them, that's a lot of animal.

After all the hard work of feed ducks, geese and horses it was time to relax in the sun.

I drove home with kids Tuesday afternoon and was home in time to have dinner on the table for Paul. (Spoiled:)

Wednesday we were up early for dental appointments and running errands.

Thursday and Friday I took the kids to do crafts and book readings at Chapters. That was fun but it was hard to help three kids do crafts. Paul came with us on Thursday afternoon, so that helped a lot.

Saturday Paul was not feeling good (his stomach has had a rough year, he has had flu at least twice, food poisoning once and random ickyness, I hope he settles down soon and feels better) I took the kids to hockey and had a fun afternoon with them. Saturday night I won a couple of bucks playing poker at the the Linfields house. Sunday I did some knitting and some accounting.

That should bring you up to speed. I will try to get some yarn photos taken for you in a day or two. I need to take some pictures of completed projects so I can post those too.


Aprilynne said...

OOOOHHH what a sweetie baby **whimper** and I love the pictures of what looks like a great little outing =) I miss having horses around. whyah

Wudas said...

We'll be getting stall materials and fencing materials tomorrow. After that we can look for a couple horses.

Shannon said...

Taneil is beautiful and so is her son. It looks like everyone had a great time.