Wednesday, June 13, 2007


A list of things I want to post about and nothing comes to mind now that I am sitting at the computer. Figures.

Paul went to Baltimore last weekend. A fly-by-night trip to check out a Spine-Med machine at the factory in...Baltimore. Spine-Med paid for the whole trip, and gave a class about the machine. To much technical crap to include here, and to much for me to think about after having a great workout, a beer and a hot tub.

I can only share my half of the weekend, I stayed home with the kids. They were very good, we had lots of fun and by the time Paul got home I was ready for a little time to myself. Tonight is the first time I have had a little and it felt wonderful. I feel decompressed for the first time in a few weeks, I think I will go knit a little now. Goodnight.

(Baltimore was on the list by the way...stay tuned tomorrow for "Mom's Dye Job" or "For the Love of Fibre!")

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Anonymous said...

Good night. It was good to catch up this morning.