Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Up and Running, Sort of...

I still don't have my laptop back, for those of you that are counting it has been a month. I was desperate enough for a computer that I took our tower in to have it repaired. The tower is part of the Sony system that we bought around 6 years ago. Since then Paul and I both got laptops and the kids used the Sony to surf the Lego web site and to play on nickjr.com. The Sony crapped out a while ago and we never bothered to have it repaired. The kids used our laptops and everyone was happy.

I took the Sony in for repairs on Friday afternoon and was able to pick it up on Monday evening. Now that's service. The hard drive in it was toast and it is has been replaced. When it dies again I think the Sony will be retired. I figured it was cheaper to repair this one than to buy the kids anew one in few years when they will need for school. It will manage their work just fine for a while.

The moral of the story is I am up and running and I have so much to catch you up on that I made a list. You know how I love lists.

These are fun pictures of the kids (all four of them) from the weekend the Barking Cows went camping. That weekend was very hot, when played our game on Saturday afternoon it was 37C (I think that is around 95-100 F) but I am to lazy to look it up now.

That Sunday was slightly overcast, and it cooled off to a whooping 35C by the time we got back into town. The first thing we did (after the root beer floats at A&W) was come home to play in the water. Here are the kids on Spiderman Slip 'n' Slide. (Doesn't that just take you back to elementry school or is just me?)

And last but not least: The Biggest Kid.

I don't know why I did not give it a go but I didn't. I think I had just gotten out of the shower so I was feeling fresh without Slipin' and Slidin'. (I should pop up on some good Google searches for that one).


Shannon said...

Have you called to see what's going on with your laptop?

I've never been on a slip and slide but it does remind me of elementry school. Along with the big wheel.

Anonymous said...

I took the clickers off your Big Wheel.

I'm glad you are finally back. It was wonderful to talk to you this morning.