Friday, June 15, 2007


The red blob you see above is the finished Ponchette before blocking. I finished it up last night. I was worried I would not have enough hemp to finish but rather than running out I had a Knitter's Nirvana: 1 yard left after binding off. That means I don't have to toss out a little bit of leftover fiber and it means that I don't have leftovers hanging around waiting for a "little project" I can use it up on.

I decided to go for it when it came to blocking this thing. I put it in a laundry bag and threw it right in with a full load of laundry. It is pretty stuff I wanted it to soften right up. I understand that hemp just gets softer and softer each time you wash it. I am excited to get this sewn together so I can try it on.

I blocked it while chatting on the phone to Shannon and took these photos after dinner. Shmoo would not leave me alone for the photo session and had the nerve to look shocked when I snap this one of her. How cat-like.

Accidental whisker shot:

The shaded artistic photo:

The close up:

I will let it dry tonight and get it sewn up this weekend. Maybe I can get Paul to model it for me.


angie, party of one said...

It's good to see Shmoo Kitty Meow Meow, I miss her...and her mommy.

Kelly O said...

We miss you and Tahlula so much. Perhaps you can post a picture of Tahlula for Shmoo.

Wudas said...

It's so nice of you to finally knit a ponchette for Paul. Wasn't it fun and quick!?

Shannon said...

I can't wait to see photos of Paul modeling his new ponchette.

Leanna said...

A little story about the rocks I sent you. I found them in the mountains in a pristine creek just out of Chilliwack. I was washing my face and one drifted by. That's when I realized there were hundreds of these perfectly round "rocks" in the creek. Dad and I looked it up and we think they are volcanic pumise(sp?). Hope they survived the trip OK.