Monday, December 24, 2007

Big Boys and Little Toys

We headed off to Kelowna yesterday for Christmas, it was our first stop on the Way to Jodie's place in Trail. We had a slow but safe drive into Kelowna and then we got to have diner with Paul's Aunt and and Gran and family. It was a great start to the holiday.

There was a little mix up at the hotel we were booked into. They had us booked into the Honeymoon suite. When they realized their mistake they let us keep the room for the price of of a regular room. What a great Christmas gift.

Our room had 3 T.V.'s, two bedrooms, two bathtubs, a kitchen, two decks and a living room with a hide-a-bed. PJ and I had a jet bath in a bathtub so big I could lay out in it without touching my feet or head to either end. It was so cool.

We had breakfast with Gran today and then headed out for the long drive to trail. It took us 4 or 5 hours. The roads were pretty good and the scenery beautiful.

Due to the fact we were heading out of town we let the kids open a couple of presents early:

What are those two boys playing with. Paul went crazy and got the kids a dirt bike for Christmas on E-bay. It cost next to nothing and the kids are in love with it. I am a bit worried about them riding it, but I have seen kids smaller than ours tearing up the local dirt bike track.

I guess it is better to teach them now and teach them safely. The look on Sebastian's face says it all.

We wish you all a merry Christmas. We will set our web cam in the morning for anyone who wants to take a look at what we are up to.

Pretty drive:


angie, party of one said...

Merry Christmas Ouimets! Have a happy and SAFE day on the snowy roads and dirt bikes.

Anonymous said...

Merry christmas guys! so sorry we didnt get to see you while you were here! Our loss! Anyways hope you have a great christmas! Taneil

Shannon said...

Merry Christmas. I called you but your answering machine doesn't work. How long until you get home?

memoriestoremember said...

Wow the bike looks like it is in great shape. Hope you guys had a great christmas. Thanks to you and Paul for the card and dinner, (we have already talked about making it a date night). I was going to email him but i have stopped using hotmail for now...and haven't had time to input all of the addresses into other email.

Wudas said...

What! No Harley?!!