Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snow Angels

We have had a bit of wonky weather these past few days. It snowed all day Saturday and Sunday and was as a cold as -12C. We had more than a foot of snow on top of what we already had.

Monday the sky cleared up and the sun came out for a bit. We reached 12C and all the snow melted off. I don't think I have ever seen that much snow melt so fast.

Today we started with rain and it turned to snow. It snowed for hours and the wind howled. The streets are pretty icy and there is plenty of snow for the kids to play in.

They played in the backyard for over an hour. They called me out to see their snow angels. I think this first one belongs to PJ.

Sebass made this one:

Q is making his on the bench. They had such a great time they did not want to come in out the cold. I had to drag them in so I could get to my boot camp class.

You would think with all this snow I would have been snuggled inside knitting but I have not even knit a stitch.


Shannon said...

Taylor likes looking at your blog. She likes seeing photos of her cousins.

What's boot camp class?

Wudas said...

When the kids are entertained outside it's time to make hay inside!