Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sleepy Christmas Faces

We made if safely back to the Loops. We had a wonderful Christmas with Jodie and Ryan. I am going to share our trip in a couple of installments for you.

We arrived in Trail on Christmas Eve. Aunt Jodie popped some popcorn for the kids to string into holiday decorations. I am not sure but I think more ended up in their bellies than on the tree.

Following the family Christmas tradition the kids hit there stockings first thing. I tell them ever Christmas they can have their stockings first thing, but they always come and wake up us first. Fine by me, it is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

This year I heard the kids awake and checking to to see if Santa had been here yet at 4:00 a.m. It is the earliest they have ever been up. Sebass woke up and woke up the rest of the crew. I sent them back to bed and they all went sleep pretty quickly.

There is something so sweet about Christmas morning pictures. I don't know if it is the pajamas or the sleepy faces or the great hair everyone has. Maybe it is the sparkle of excitement in their eyes.

Here is a blurry picture of Aunt Jodies Christmas tree after Santa's visit. I love the kids blurred in the photo with excitement.

And the traditional posed picture. Look at Q's face, could a kid be more excited?


Ritsin said...

Kids and Christmas - is there anything else better than that?

All the best to you and the family.

Wudas said...

Nice pictures. If you compare these pictures to the ones of me and my sisters on Christmas morning, there'd be very little difference. Ain't it grand!