Friday, December 07, 2007


I am happy to report that I shipped Christmas to the States today. Canada Post said it should get there within the next ten days. I have tracking numbers if anyone wants them email me.

I sent one package to Dad one to George and Judy and one to Mom's house. Everything is sent except for Taylor's gift, it will be arriving to Shannon's place I ordered it online and had it mailed directly to Taylor.

Mom please call me before you open the box when it gets to you.

Random photos for you. I liked this picture of Sebass playing in the snow until just now when I realized I cut Q's head out in the background. I think I might play with it and try making Q disappear for a better picture.

Paul took the kids to Chapters where they had a craft morning with the Blazers. I love that they send these great big hockey kids to make penguins with little children. Most of the kids were in school so PJ and Q pretty much had 8 Blazers to themselves.

Here is Leclerc, (I don't know if I spelled his name right) he is the goal tender, reading The Grinch to Q. I love that Q is more impressed with Leclerc than with the story.

Somewhere in that pack of hot young hockey flesh PJ is helping them find Waldo. I will just save this photo for her and she can take for show and tell when she is 15. See number 11 there? Oh my does have a nice hockey butt. That dude is HOT.

I know this is not the most artistic photo ever but I wanted to show you these hedges. I think they look like great big muffins dusted with powdered sugar. They are all over town and they make me crave a piece of chocolate cake with sprinkling of powdered sugar on the top. Yum


Ritsin said...

Hmmm, the mom leaning over doesn't appear to be looking for Waldo! Just where are her hands?

Kelly O said...

Ritsin, I forced myself to keep my hands in my pockets. I think I deserve some sort of medal, #11 has one of the best butts I have ever laid eyes on. Sigh

Shannon said...

I find the photo with Paige and all the hot young men very funny. You can hardly see Paige and I did notice that you were standing behind all the hot young men.