Friday, March 07, 2008

Hell of a Week

I feel like this week has been a little rough around the edges. Stress levels have been a little high around here. Paul has been feeling pressure at the office and he is bringing it home with him. He has been short tempered and the kids and I seem to have responded in kind.

We spent a bit of time this talking as family and trying to get everyone on board with doing their part to make things a bit easier around here. The kids are doing their chores with no more whining, Paul is trying to be more patient and I am trying to spend a bit more of my time at home playing with the kids.

I had a nasty experience on Tuesday afternoon. I was on the way to pick up the kids at a friends house and then I was to pick up Sebass at school. I stopped at the stop sign at the bottom of the hill and looked both ways before crossing the highway and turning left.

As I made my left-hand turn I glanced in my side view mirror to keep my eye on the semi-trailer that was going up the highway. I saw him start to fishtail and lose control of his truck and then I heard the crunch of metal hitting metal.

It seems that the woman who stopped behind me at the stop sign did not look both ways before crossing the highway and she pulled out in front of the semi-truck. I saw what was left of her car and I had nothing but dread in my belly as I figured I was first on scene and have enough medical knowledge to be of help.

I was so afraid of what I would find I took a couple of deep breaths before I got out of vehicle. As I walked across the highway I could not believe it when I saw the driver of the car standing on the side of the road with not a mark on her. I was shocked that someone had walked away from this accident. The woman was in shock, she had no idea what had happened and only complained of knee pain. As I took her hand and looked into her eyes I realized that I knew her. She lives two doors up the street from me. Can you imagine???!

The driver of the truck was out and walking around he was so concerned for the woman in car I don't know he had paid any attention to his own body. I don't really know to much about what happened from here, a couple of other people pulled over to help. I waited until medical attention arrived, made sure another witness had my contact information for the police report.

The woman in the accident has a daughter that goes to school with my oldest. She asked me if I would let he daughter know she had been in accident and make sure that her daughter got home safely and her husband was informed about what was happening.

I have seen accidents before, but nothing like this one. I am telling you it is nothing short of a miracle that everyone walked away.

On the lighter side:

We have had a little trouble with our online service. We did an upgrade on our internet service and it has sucked since. We had tech support have a look at it and we seem to be up and running better than ever.


Shannon said...

I'm glad that everyone is okay.

JustApril said...

Wow, scary! It's amazing that everyone was alright. Sorry the week has been so awful, hope next week is much more rosy. ((hugs))

angie, party of one said...

Seeing an accident like that can be really traumatizing. I hope everyone recovered okay, I bet your neighbor was sore and bruised the next day, even if she didn't feel it at first.