Monday, March 03, 2008

MakeUp Case

I out grew my old make-up case a little while ago. My addiction to Bare Minerals is perhaps a bit out of control. Maybe not, the stuff lasts forever and I only buy a bit here and there...

I ordered a make-up case from the same web site that Shannon got hers. I think that mine might be a little bit different. Shannon, I can't remember if yours has that double decker slide out thing on both sides or just one. Mine has a double-decker on one side and a tall one on the other.

I was a bit surprised when I moved into the mew case and I was able to fill it up. You should have seen Paul's eyes pop out of his head when he saw it all open and full. He wise enough not to say anything, he just popped his eyes back in, gave his head a shake and walked away.

I was a bit afraid that those of you that are not familiar with Bare Minerals would think with all the make-up I own I must look like a clown. I don't. I took this quick self-portrait the same day I took the pictures of the make-up case-Friday? I was on the way out the door to Costco and wearing my everyday face. I have even have on a bit of eyeshadow (gold I think) but BE is so sheer that you would have to try very hard to cake it on.

(Are all self taken photos a little weird or is it just me?)


angie, party of one said...


Wudas said...

No one has as much BE as I do. But it looks like you are catching up.

Shannon said...

You have the exact same make up case that I do. I put my larger make up, foundation, blush, & mineral veil on their sides in the large side of the make up case.

memoriestoremember said...

Wow with all of that makeup you would put some makeup artists to shame.
I like the new case...Where did you order it from?