Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pot Party

A patient of ours invited us to pot party on Sunday night. That is a cooking pot party not the smoke it if you have it kind of pot. I have to say the pot party was so fun that we are going to have one of our own in 2 weeks or so.

Are you all wondering what a pot party is???? It is all about Saladmaster pots. (I hope I spelled that right) They are a specially designed cooking pots and pans made out of surgical grade steel. They are made of metal with no impurities to contaminate your cooking. The same metal that is used for hip and knee replacements.

For the party a rep/cook from company comes to your house, brings the raw food and cooks it up for you and 6 guests using the pots and a cooking technique with no oil, no butter and no salt and pepper. They serve you dinner and do the dishes. You get a hostess gift every time you have a party and there is no obligation to purchase the pots.

The pots are crazy expensive but the free dinner party in your own home that you don't have to cook...priceless. The dinner party we went to was fun and informative and there was no hard sell to buy them. They do ask you to book a party so you can get the word out for them and of course you can buy the pots if you like.

The salesperson/cook told us stories about people who have earned the whole set by having dinner parties and never purchased a piece of cookware. I am ready to sign up for that plan. Free food and free pots???? It sounds to good to be true.

We are hosting out first pot party in a couple of weeks, I will let you know how it goes. Next time you come to visit, expect a pot party in your honor. I am going for the whole set.


Wudas said...

I have some pots you can cook in with very little oil or water. I love 'em.

JustApril said...

Those pans are worth every penny. I have a set of the SaladMaster stuff, the thing you crank to cut up the veggies. I've had them for I guess 9 maybe 10 years and they all look just as new as when I got them. Use them every day. Good stuff, good food. =)

angie, party of one said...

Do they have the parties down here in your homeland?

Shannon said...

I've never heard of the them and I'm not sure that Will would give up his AllClad pots and pans.