Monday, March 17, 2008


I like a good quickie now and again, don't you???

I only have a couple of minutes Paul and I have been invited to the season end Blazer dinner. We are the team chiropractors so we get a free ticket every year. Can't miss a meal that I don't have to cook or pay for.

We are enjoying our spring break so far, we spent a lazy day playing games with kids yesterday and today Paul took the kids to their first hockey tournament. It is a fun little spring break camp, they play 2 games a day, all three kids are on the same team. Paul is bench coaching them during the three camp so I will be working a little extra this week. I don't mind, I think Paul needs a little breather.

Good news about our medical community, two doctors in town, one a neurosurgeon called us to apologize for not coming to our open house and both have made arrangements to come visit our office on Wed to see what we do and learn more about the SpineMed Decompression table. Slowly restoring my faith in humanity.

Now if I can babysitter to help Paul so I can cruise stress free that would be wonderful. (I have not registered online yet, I was hoping to on my lunch today but ran out of time)


Wudas said...

I haven't registered yet either. I wonder if Shannon has? I know Diana has.

Shannon said...

I registared. I can't wait. I'm need a vacation. I'm tired of bad news.

It's time to party, party, party!!!