Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bikes and Ghosts

This bike is on display at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. I had to take a picture of it for mom and Darryl. I think she is named Siren but I could be wrong.

The picture bellow is of the ship in front of Treasure Island. I think it is pretty. Oddly enough the picture above is not TI, I have no idea which hotel it is, I just liked the lighting in the photo.

Trump Tower:

I was playing with my flash when I took this picture of Q, obviously I have a lot to learn about flash photography. I think the image is kind of artsy and ghost-like. I could not reproduce it if I tried.


Wudas said...

I can't figure out where the headlight is on that bike.

The picture of Quentin looks like that floating head in the crystal ball at the Haunted House in Disneyland

Shannon said...

Cool photos.

JustApril said...

Nice pics!

I'm glad you like the pattern. It'll be cool to see other people's versions of the hat =)