Wednesday, February 13, 2008


These two bins sit at the end of the couch. I bought them to use as a table and it doubled for knitting storage. I keep tape measures and other notions in them. As time has gone by they have collected a few projects as well.

These bins have become the place where projects go to wait. They are all waiting for different things. There is a sock in there I cast on for without doing gauge first, if I were to finish it as it lies now I could send it to my favorite basketball star.

There is a little lace number that just seems to take to much brain power for me to knit, counting to 30 seems to be beyond me whenever I pick it up to work on it. Some pretty cascade 220 that is destined to be felted clogs someday. There are two leftover sock balls that I really want to turn into kid socks. A pair of fingerless gloves that only needs two ends sewn in to be complete and wearable.

And these: Remember the thrummed mittens? I only knit one and then spring came along and warm mittens were just not the thing I wanted to work on. They take up a lot of room in purgatory, the fleece, the yarn and the lonely completed mitten. I have decided to chip away a bit on these projects. I am starting with the mitten as it takes up the most room and I have been feeling a bit weighed down by it every time I open the bin. The first mitten only took a week to knit. The second, an entire year. I started it today and I plan to work on it when I need sweater breaks.

I am so pleased with this spinning. This is most of the roving that I dyed with the Kool-Aid. I have been thinking of entering this in the little agricultural fair that comes the Loops in the spring. There is a hand dyed hand spun category this might do well in. It's worth a shot just for fun.

I have about 20 rows and then I am done with the bottom of my sweater. I think the upper half will move along pretty quickly.


Kimberly said...

I'm the exact same with my crocheting and cross-stitch many on the many that don't have any hope of being finished anytime soon...

JustApril said...

Your hand dyed, hand spun stuff is SO happy! Is it named yet? If not, then Happiness would be perfect =) Of course I have no biz naming your yarn, but had to say that. Hope you get your mits done in time to wear them this Winter.

Wudas said...

I'm just picking up a sweater project that I put down to knit that last pair of socks. I have a couple quickie projects I want to do but I feel I must get by the most difficult part of my sweater first. All those crossed cables on the bottom.

Shannon said...

Your hand spun, hand dyed yarn is beautiful.