Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Welcome Home

We made it safely home by 6:30 Sunday evening. We had a bit of a longer drive than expected; some of the Highways were closed due to snow slides so we took the long way around.

We all seem to be pretty tired from the trip and are still recovering from the foul sickness that befell us. I slept 10 hours Sunday night and 10 more last night. And to tell you the truth of it, I could curl up in a little ball and go to sleep right now. I think our bodies are still trying to get well.

We had a bit of an adventure this morning. I got a call about 7:45 and I could see by the call display it was our landlord for the office space we rent. He asked me if I heard what happened yet. My first thought was fire or flood, but thankfully things were not quite that bad.

Some one did a smash and grab at our place in the wee hours of the morning. They picked a rock and threw it through the door in the back of the building. Our office is the first door on the right once you are in through this one. Who ever did this picked up the rock again and threw it through the door of our office.

The alarm started beeping at this point I am sure. The siren sounds after a 60 seconds or so. The cash drawer was jimmied open and the $90.00 worth of cash stolen. They left the change and even left behind a $10 bill, you can see in on the counter there if you look carefully. The $10 was taken by the police and will never be seen again by us.

There was not one piece of glass left in our door. It shattered, I can't believe how far the glass went, it was everywhere. To be honest I feel like we got lucky. Whoever did it must have been looking for quick drug money, they did not take or destroy any other property. There are a couple of out dated computers in the office and there was a lap top in plain sight and none of that was touched.

No one was around to get hurt and the glass has already been repaired. The owner of the building took care of everything and is having a police officer do a security consult for him to see what he can do to prevent anything ocurring again. Two years ago someone kicked out the glass on one of the front doors but no offices were broken into at that time.


Wudas said...

Hey! Is that my popcorn machine I see in the corner of your office?

JustApril said...

It's sad that you were all sick on your trip =( and sad again about the break in. Hope ya get another 10 hours tonight!

angie, party of one said...

How horrible! I'm glad it wasn't a robbery and no one was around to be threatened or scared. Stupid dope fiends. CRACK IS WHACK!!!