Thursday, February 21, 2008

Picture Perfect

After a bit of fussing around I finally figured out how to access my freshly purchased storage space from my blog account. So I perfect in the "I can post pictures now" kind of way, not in the Mary Poppins "perfect in every way" kind of way. Know what I mean?

Now that I have this picture posted I am wondering if I posted it before in feverish post? I love how much Q is enjoying this big Grandpa hug. I bet if we could see this picture from the other side we would see a similar gleeful expression on Grandpa's face too.

I love this picture of Judy, she looks so genuinely happy in this picture it is contagious and makes me smile. Their house is so beautiful, I was going to take some pictures of it to show you, but I just never felt up to it. I came home with a disappointing number of photos on my camera.

Looking through the sunlight at one of the casinos.

Some fearful beast at the Shark Tank. I don't recall what it was, only that I was glad there was 2 inch thick glass between me and it.

I tried to take a picture of a Sting Ray but the flash kept reflecting off the glass. I tried a longer exposure to let in more light. Duh, Sting Rays move quickly and will blur in the longer exposure. I actually like the effect of my mistake and I thought I would post it for fun.

I would be remiss if I did not post a shark, wouldn't I?

I had intended to post earlier in the week, to tell you the truth I got sucked into my knitting. I thought the back of my sweater would take forever as it turns out I might get the back done tonight. I am going to go find out and let you know. Have a good evening.


JustApril said...

The pic of the stingray would make an awesome poster! It is SO cool! Some mistakes, I prefer accidentally artist, photos really ROCK

Love the people pics, pure joy =)

Shannon said...

The stingray photo is cool.

Wudas said...

I love the stingray picture!