Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun Stuff

I have been having a great time getting ready for the cruise. I am not ready in a packed with my bags by the door kind of way, but I am crossing things off of my before I leave to-do list.

I finished the socks last night. I am happy with them, the colour is wonderful the pattern was fun, but I found portions of it could have been worded more clearly.

We had another ball game tonight, it is about -2C right now so it was a cold game. We had a great time and the cows got skinned alive. I don't know if we have ever played with it this cold and clear, it hurt your hands so much to catch the ball and to bat. At least there was no rain.

Today was observation day at school for PJ and Q. I love this day and so do the kids. Parents get to go to school with the kids and we see what they learning. The kids pick activities to show us and tell us how they work and what they are learning from the activity.

I enjoy seeing the different ways in which each of my children learn and hearing what their interests are in the classroom. Wednesday we have parent teacher conferences with these two. Sebass received a great report card not to long ago and we did not do a parent teacher with him at that time. I am sure we will have one before the year is out.

(gotta love PJ's tank top)


JustApril said...

Cruises are the best! =) The socks are faboo, I need to get back on the sock wagon soon, I miss them. Sorry about your game, tho =(

angie, party of one said...

I LOVE THE HOOTERS TANK!!!! You are a kick ass mom!

Wudas said...

Nice shirt. Having trouble packing. I'm taking too much. But I can't seem to leave anything behind!

Shannon said...

I think I'm with Mom. I think I've packed way too many clothes. I couldn't decide how much make up to pack.

You're socks look great!