Saturday, April 19, 2008

House Hunting

I was surprised when I opened my blog to post today that I had not posted since Tuesday. I have so many post ideas in my head that I can't I have not gotten any of them typed up.

It has always been one of our dreams to own a bit of property. A couple of weeks ago we saw an ad in the paper for this house on 20 acres within the city limits. It is only 7K from where we live now and on city water. We decided to go and have a look at it.

The house has great bones but is very outdated and needs a lot of love. The current owners are also asking to much for and seem to be very firm on what they want for it.

Just for kicks I did a search on the MLS web site to see if there was any similar properties available in the area. (MLS= Multiple Listing Service) I wanted to compare apples to apples if you know what I mean and see if the house we liked was as overpriced I believe it to be.

I found this house and we went to have a look at this afternoon. Bang for your buck you are getting a heck of a lot more than the first house we looked at. This house is not within the city limits and that saves on the property taxes. It also means the house is on well water and I don't think you even get garbage service. We are asking a lot of questions about the house.

Meanwhile we had a real estate agent have a look at our house to find out what we could sell it for, we also have Deb working hard for us to pre-approve us for a mortgage in the event we do decide to purchase.

All this spontaneous house hunting has kept me on my toes. I am learning an awful lot as well. I find my mind so restless with all the possibilities that I can hardly sit down for a few minutes let alone knit or blog.


Shannon said...

Your meez is ready for the cruise.

Wudas said...

It looks like there are more choices out there. The right one will fall in to your lap when the time is right.

memoriestoremember said...

The second house definately seems to be more updated. It looks really nice. I like the bathtub.
I got your message last night, we were out and about yesterday, and out for dinner last night. Hope it went well.