Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Beer Bong

It's not all sticks and string around here. Occasionally its beer bong time. These pictures will make Paul's mom so proud.

Paul has been playing in the city Hockey league and having a great time with it. He keeps telling me he is the worst player on the team and that he is having a great time. He is pretty new to hockey and there are some guys in the league that have been playing all their lives and seem to be quite good at it.

Last Tuesday his team won the league championship. Saturday night they celebrated at our house. This means lots of testosterone and lots of of booze.

The team was great, different people were stopping by all day Saturday with beer (a kegerator) and lots of eats, one of the guys went to costco and bought tons of food. Paul and I did not have to anything but open the door as they showed up and provide a garbage can for the empties.

I have lots of great pictures of drunken men I am going to share with you my favorite. Mike (a pharmacist ironically) brought a beer bong and loaded it up for Paul. When Mike open the valve on the beer bong he accidentally pulled the hose out of Paul's mouth. The following mess resulted:

you should click on the pictures to make them bigger, they get better when they are big.


Hennie n Sandi said...

...and yes....he is a trained professional! We are very proud staff members :)

Wudas said...

I laughed and laughed. I laughed harder when I read his t-shirt.

What a waste of good beer. Sigh.

angie, party of one said...

We just can't bong like we're in college anymore can we Paulie?

Shannon said...

That first photo reminds me of something totally different.

JustApril said...

Those are hysterical (and a little gross, lol) Great job with the photos, now you have proof! lol