Tuesday, April 08, 2008


This is what we woke up to on Saturday morning. It was only about -1C and the snow did not stick for long. I love the snow, it is so pretty and peaceful, but I am ready for spring now.

I am not picky. I would be totally happy with 12C or 15C I am not asking for the moon here. Just a little bit of sunshine.

I got the cuff done on the lucky socks and then tried them on. I was only little bit surprised when I tried them on and they were to big. I thought about it when I read the pattern, cast on 72 st. I cast on 72 for the STR lightweight yarn for a size 10. So why on earth did I go ahead and cast on 72 for the medium weight STR? I was following the pattern. Lesson learned, again.

Next time I will listen to my brain when the pattern does not sound right to me. This is what my first sock looks like now:

Before I ripped it out I started a medium size sock (66 st) from the other end of the yarn and knit it for a while so I could try it on and make sure it was not to small. It fits perfect. Now I have a sock going from each of end of the ball.

I love the colour and the pattern seems to be pretty simple so far. The chart is well written and the instructions are clear once I got the size thing figured out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
Yep, it has been a cold winter this year. Even yesterday I ran out to Fraser Street in Vancouver to run a few errands and I swear it was snow...by the time I was done it was sunny though?? The weather person said it's supposed to be a nice weekend, up to 20 degrees. We'll see. - Susan

Wudas said...

I love the way the colors are pooling. I love the pattern and will have to make a pair for myself. I was even thinking of adding beads. Maybe I should just cast on the beaded STR pattern I have.

By the way, it's supposed to be in the 80 deg F range here tomorrow. I think you are ready for Mexico.

Shannon said...

Your socks look great. Mine are too big. I should have gone down a needle size. I'm hoping it will shrink in the dryer.

angie, party of one said...


JustApril said...

We had snow in April last year (REALLY weird for TX but not unheard of) Pretty pics - too bad about the sock, I'm interested to see how they look next to each other knit from the opposite direction, though =)