Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Button Debate

Here is the shirt I made (am making) for Darryl for Christmas. Not to shabby, cut out on Sunday and almost done by Tuesday.

Almost. Here is where I need your help. I have looked in both of the stores in Kamloops that carry buttons and I can't find any I like. That is not entirely true, I found some really nice green buttons that I like and they match Darryl's eyes, I bought all 4 of them. Does anyone know how to turn 4 buttons into 10?

I thought the shirt would look cool with some leather buttons. Kamloops has cows, but no leather, go figure. Here are my ideas:

1. Find 10 buttons that I can live with do the button holes and sew on the buttons.

2. Do the button holes and send the shirt to mom to see if she can find some cool buttons in Buttonland to sew on the shirt when it arrives in California.

3. Mail shirt as is in case the buttons mom finds are not 1/2" and my button holes may be the wrong size.

Who knew buttons could cause so much trouble? I will call Fabricland and see they if they received "the button shipment" and maybe that will solve my troubles. I don't really want to drive all over town for buttons, we have had a lot of snow the past few days and I don't like to drive more that I have to on the roads. The roads should be better in a day or two.


Shannon said...

Have you tried looking for buttons online? You could wait a few days and try the fabric & craft stores again. You could try calling the stores to find out if they have any buttons in the size you're lookig for.

Kelly O said...

Shannon, I thought of looking online but the buttons would take a few weeks to get here, the shirt is Darryl's Christmas gift and I need to get it in the mail to CA, his is the last one and then I can send the package. Good idea, I wish I had more time.