Thursday, November 10, 2005

Here We Go Again

I am not sure what is going on, perhaps the moon in a phase that is just good for my techincal mojo, but can't seem to get any of my technogadits to work for me these days. You know the camera story already, you will remember the internet connection fiasco, yesterday's lost blogger post, to top all that off I can't seem to manage to put a new CD on my iPod. Perhaps I just need to go lie down and try all this again next month. Or I could give it try for you today...

This first project is my bathroom project. Strange that I have no sense of oddness typing the phrase 'bathroom project'. It is not what you think, I work on this one while Sebastian has a bath. He is old enough to bath on his own, but due to the great number of neighborhood bear sightings he is afraid to be in the bathroom by himself. So I supervise and chat with him while he gets clean and I knit on this mitten. You would be surprised how quickly a project moves along even if you knit on it only 15 minutes a day. I finished both PJ' s and Sebastian's winter hats using them as bathroom projects and they only took about a week for each one. Anyone want to order up a bathroom hat?

This project started out as my travel project, but it has a cable pattern I have not yet mastered so it is living on the kitchen counter now. I guess it has become my kitchen project, you know the one you pick up and knit a row on while the cookies are in the oven. I guess I need to bake more cookies, it is coming along very slowly.

This one is my traveling project, it lives in the bag I drag with me everywhere I go. I started it a week ago today at Paul's hockey game. It is my first my sock and has grown to be almost 7" in only a week of travel time. It has seen a lot of Kamloops in a week, it has been to a Blazer game, where it never came out of the bag, it went to the dentist with me and always comes along to pick the kids up at school. I understand why people knit socks, they knit up quickly and travel well.

This next project answers the question am I a process knitter or a product knitter? It is a sweater that is all done except for the seams. Only two seams and this lovely sweater is ready to wear, I keep thinking I will get to it when I get bored of one of my other projects. I guess this makes me a process kind of gal, maybe I enjoy learning new techniques better than I like the finishing things. How about if I commit right now to having this one seamed up by the end of the weekend? See how much you are helping me?

Ah, this lovely scarf, the Branching Out Scarf. I love the pattern, I enjoy making lace. I am not in love with yarn, it is to stiff for this project and needs to be ripped out and turned into something ealse. I would like to knit this up in a lighter weight yarn. I don't quite yet have the heart to rip back all that lace, I think this one will sit right where it is until spring makes me feel like lace. Right now I am happy with winter wools.

Here is my favorite of everything I have going on right now. I am enjoying the color work, I am learning new stuff with every row. It is a baby blanket and so it is on a schedule, as long as I knit 2 or three rows on it a day it will be ready in time for the baby. I am glad I decided to learn how to work with so much color. I no longer feel intimidated by color work projects.

Mom got me hooked on Sally Melville's books and I now have all of them. I use them more than any other knitting books I have for looking up how to do something. I recently bought book three on color and it had some great tips in it that have made the blanket go a bit faster.

This last picture is the baby blanket a few days ago. See the bend in the knitting needle. The blanket was in a basket and Quentin sat on it. That is a lovely size 3 Addi that he bent with his baby bum. He also managed to get about 50 stitches off the needles, it took some colorful swearing and little fortitude but I got things back on track.

Well thats all. I tried to spell check this but of course it is not working for me right now, so love me with all my typos.

I have been on and off the phone with the travel agent during this post. It seems the bar has been raised and it will now cost me $300. a ticket to change the dates on the plane tickets. And remember when Paul said it was a direct flight? Well it is not, there is a layover in Seattle I have one hour to get me and 3 young children to baggage claim and through customs. Yippie. I don't know what to do. I am in tears right now. These tickets are now up to about $3000.00.

Do I just forget about the wheel and go on the trip so I am not out so much money?


Shannon said...

I love all the photos. I don't know how you can have so many knitting projects going at once. I have a cross stitch, something to quilt, and something to sew and one knitting project. That doesn't include projects around the house.

Wudas said...

You two have way more going than I do. Did you get the yarn I sent for the multiperson project sweater yet? You don't even have to finish it. And I didn't know that Sally Melville had her third book out yet.

Keeefer said...

I dont know whats scarier, the top picture of 'knitting in a blender' or the whole comment about numerous bear sightings!!!! I hope you are knitting Sebastian a very large bear net so he can one day bathe in security

Shannon said...

Kelly, can you please check your email. Thank you.

angie, party of one said...

Number one, the baby blanket is beautiful! Number two, I am so sorry to hear of the travel fiasco still going on, and number three, for the third time...WHAT THE HELL IS THE MEDICINE WHEEL?!