Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Catch Up

I am finally online again, I will spend today's post on catching you up a bit on the last week. Here is a photo of the crunched up van. As you can see the damage is minimal, but it still makes me mad. The bumper is all scraped up and the license plate is pretty much FUBAR, it lives on the floor of the front seat right now, I stomped it into shape, but it still wont hang on to the front bumper anymore.

I need to get a new one to cover the scratches in the front bumper. It sucks to buy a new vehicle and have it scraped up already. Okay enough negative energy.

Let me tell you why I was off line for so long. Our online service is paid for by the office and is automatically billed to our office credit card on a monthly basis. A few months ago Paul had misplaced his wallet, I told him to wait a day or two and see if it showed up and then to call in the cards as lost or stolen if he did not find is wallet by Monday. He jumped the gun and called everything in stolen and then found his wallet an hour later in the truck or in his shoe or something. I said, "I told you so better you erred on the side of caution honey."

Telus tried to bill the card that was reported stolen and of course it did not go through. Rather than contacting us they just disconnected our service. After 3 phone calls, 2 nights and 2 hours on the phone, we had things straightened out and I was online again.

Thursday night is Paul's hockey night, last Thursday after a night of hockey and trip to the Ballet (read strip bar) where he stopped for, "the best burger in town and a beer." He came phone and could not find his wallet.

Friday morning the phone rings bright and early, it is Scotia bank, "Have you lost your wallet?" I think that Scotia knew before Paul did that his wallet had gone missing again. In fact the RCMP knew before Paul did that his wallet had been stolen out his back pocket while he was oggleing the naked girls at the Ballet. He paid cash for his beer, his cash was in a different pocket. RCMP arrested a man for using Paul's credit card sometime on the same night that Paul's wallet went missing. Paul is no longer allowed to the Ballet without adult supervision and has a 10:30 curfew on hockey night.

Telus tried to automatically bill our credit card for our monthly fees and guess what? Scotia bank knew the card was stolen and refused the charges, Telus disconnects my service again. We seem to have things sorted out now, but all in all a pain in the @$$. It has resulted in Paul being teased unmercifully by me and all that have heard the storey. Karma.

Here are my sassy new glasses. I have been suffering from terrible headaches for a few months, a trip to the eye doctor, and I got 2 new pairs of glasses and new contacts and now TADA! No more headaches. I know I look a little freaky in the photo, that is because it is a self portrait and I am looking at Sebastian in the other room with the camera held out in front of me. I don't think I usually look so weird, but who knows. I notice my self image and what I actually look like don't always match up.

Not in a bad way. Here is an example: I remember being pregnant with PJ and walking by a bunch of windows while walking down Victoria street on a sunny day. Saw a woman in the reflection of the glass, and thought to myself, "Wow, look at that huge pregnant woman." Then I was shocked to realize the woman was me! I my own mind I was just not quite as big and pregnant and ripe as the woman I saw in the reflection. I did not feel as large and pregnant as I looked, see not a bad thing.

I think this is a cool photo, it is one of the kids dancing at a Halloween party. Here are few more for you.

PJ was a princess, Sebastian was Spiderman, Layne was a mermaid, and Quentin was dressed in a very cool tiger costume that Shannon made, but he got to hot and would not wear it. He did wear it to trick or treat in, but we did not det a photo of it. PJ was so excited to trick or treat that she left the house with no shoes on. Paul did not realize she had no shoes until she complained that her feet were cold!


angie, party of one said...

I think you look great in the photo. The wallet story reminds me of when your wallet got stolen on a visit to Canada. Do you remember that? I felt so bad for you and we didn't know if you were going to be able to get home and we had to fax copies of your stuff up there and someone rented a bunch of movies on the Blockbuster card and never returned them, etc, etc, etc. Glad it all worked out, in both cases.

Kelly O said...

I do remember that APL, all the trouble to fax the paperwork and no one cared when I crossed the boarder. Losing your wallet is a rotton thing isn't it?

Funny out of all the things a person could do with a found wallet and they chose to go to Blockbuster. Weird.

Shannon said...

Kelly, I find it very funny that Paul didn't notice that Paige wasn't wearing any shoes.